Do You want to move any kind of piano of any brand, whether concert grand pianos or baby grand ones by one person, without any effort. It has been designed and tested to handle and tip over pianos weighing up to 600kgs.

Piano lift machine

No other accessories are needed apart from the pianolift, neither fixed sled nor screws. Loading is made much quicker and easier. Besides the numerous advantages offered by the basic model –pianoplan– like moving pianos and climbing staircases, the new hydraulic function of pianolift2 gently tips over the piano with its three legs and the lyre, directly on the tray of the pianolift and set it back on its feet very easily.


There are areas in which complete respect for the environment is a fundamental must. Consider, for example, the creation or maintenance of public parks, both in urban and rural areas, or worksites in agricultural areas.

MB’s range permit the immediate crushing, recycling and reuse of materials for the completion of works in total respect for the natural characteristics of the area.
Gardens and parks are completed with the same materials that were previously extracted without altering the elements that they are composed of.

The reduced and compact dimensions of the models studied for these specific applications also contribute to the safeguarding of the area of operation. MB equipment can be fitted directly to the machinery, without any additional consumption of energy or fuel, significantly reducing environmental impact