Movax Innovative Pilling solutions in South Africa

Movax is a world leading developer and supplier of excavator-mounted piling equipment and the inventor of modular, vibratory side grip pile driver-technology.

Movax offers an optimised way-of-working for higher productivity and significant savings.

The MOVAX-way-of-piling.
Efficient. Fast. Flexible. Accurate. Safe.

Supplier of Movax Pile Drivers in South Africa by ATSE

Pile Drivers

MOVAX pile drivers are utilized for handling, driving and extracting piles in a variety of soil and site conditions.

The excavator-mounted, vibratory-type, heavy-duty side grip pile drivers are available for a wide range of different types of piles as well as different-sized base machines. 

Supplier of MovaX Piling Hammers in South Africa

Piling Hammers

MOVAX Piling Hammers are excavator-mounted, hydraulic impact-type hammers for driving load-bearing piles or assisting in sheet pile driving in even the most difficult soil conditions.

MOVAX piling hammers can flexibly be mounted directly onto the excavator or when greater depths are required onto an excavator mounted MOVAX leader mast.

Supplier of Movax Piling Drills In South Africa

Piling Drills

MOVAX piling drills are excavator-mounted, auger drive attachments for cast in-situ piling and other drilling works.

The technology behind the efficiency is a hydraulically operated telescopic kelly bar with one or two extentable sections which can reach depths up to 10 meters.