We at All Terrain Services & Equipment (Pty) Ltd with our ATSE Pre-Construction Cost Estimator Team can assist you

  1. The Architect
  2. The Owner Builder
  3. The Builder / Contractor and
  4. The Developer with all your project costing while planning to build or renovate any commercial / industrial or residential building project.

We specialize in accurately producing full costing estimates on your planned building project that will include labour, material, equipment costs and site expenses. Our services also include construction estimates as well as the preparation of bill of quantities.

If required we can assist with the day by day, weekly and monthly project planning, administration and management, as well as cash flow forecasts for your project. Our services include the accurate measuring on site and/or from drawings in CAD, PDF, JPEG or even a supplied hard copy.

 ATSE Estimator Reports provided include:

  1. Bill of Quantities
  2. Full Labour Costs *
  3. Material Costs #
  4. Site Expenses #
  5. Equipment Costs #

* Labour Rates:

The ATSE Estimator will incorporate standard BIBC (Building Industry Bargaining Council) labour rates which is adjusted for the different building regions every 3 to 6 months.

# Material, Site & Equipment Rates:

The ATSE Estimator estimates are based on the current accurate construction industry-based prices for building materials, site expenses and equipment with the updating of prices every 60 to 90 days.

Our requirement to provide you an ATSE ESTIMATOR Estimate:

Step 1: Send the drawings on your project to estimator@atse.co.za or phone 061 524 8560

Step 2: We will provide you within 24 hours with a free of charge quotation to do your estimate on our services offered as required.

Step 3: On receipt of payment will provide you within 4 to 5 days with a detailed Estimate Report on your planned project.

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