Antolini Mezzi Cingolati was born in 1990 in Sant’Anna D’Alfaedo, a small mountain village where Giuseppe Antolini, the eldest of four brothers, sure of his own potential and firm in his choices, decided against everyone to leave his job and buy a lathe to do some small work for some customers.  In a few years, his brothers also joined this project and founded their company.

Specialized in laser cutting, metal bending, certified aluminium tig welding, precision turning Antolini Mezzi Cingolati decides to expand its existing production of telescopic booms by designing and manufacturing a range of tracked vehicles.


Ercules Range

Ercules is a range of tracked transpallets that combines the practicality of the classic forked transporter with the efficiency of tracks.

With two independent, extendable tracks, Ercules is just right for moving over all kinds of different terrains. You can broaden the carriage, improving the vehicle’s stability, making it a great partner on the job.
Since you can choose the configuration Ercules can meet any transport demands and is definitely a prime example to be followed as far as tracked transporters.

Ercules’ strengths are:

   Use of long-lasting, strong quality materials;

  Option to configure the vehicle based on your needs;

  Reliability and easy maintenance;

  Adjustability, great traction and stability on any type of terrain;

  Impressive performance, user-friendly and with low management costs.

Ercules P10
Maximum transport 1000Kg

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Ercules 13
Maximum transport 1300Kg

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Ercules P15
Maximum transport 1500Kg

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Ercules P20
Maximum transport 2000Kg

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Automotive Range

Cartract is a must-have tool for moving vehicles up to 2.5 tons with a 3-m forward movement over flat surfaces of yards or garages. Cartract encapsulates technological innovation designed to allow for vehicle movement. Thanks to innovative technical solutions, this one-of-a-kind tool makes it possible to move vehicles that are stuck without having to tow them, but rather lifting them. By taking advantage of a chassis that adjusts to the vehicle’s size and using the principle of movement through lifting, Cartract is suitable for vehicles that are stuck or for those who don’t have much space for storage and would like to move a car without starting it or getting into it. Thanks to its electric motor, Cartract is perfect when you have to work in tight spaces and facilitates operations without requiring any effort of the operator.

Cartract 2 automotive mover

Cartract 2R
Lifting two wheels

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Cartract 4R Automotive Mover

Cartract 4R
Lifting four wheels

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